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Saatnya Memasak Tempe Mendoan Paling Gurih

Saatnya Memasak Tempe Mendoan Paling Gurih – In Bogor, we no need to worry would be difficult to find a good culinary. In addition to souvenirs of the famous Bogor, a wide variety of culinary popular spot is also available in Bogor. One of the culinary recently I samperin is the House Marrow. I actually had long heard of this place from colleagues who often visited the House Marrow. But for some reason, I recently had a chance to visit some time ago.

The location is very easy to create sought after because it is located on a major highway without having to enter the alley at Jl. Lawang Gintung, Bogor. As the name implies Sumum house, which is presented here is dominated by a variety of processed cattle bone marrow. You need to know guys, this beef bone marrow has loads of benefits tablets, among others, could prevent and treat osteoporosis, increase kekebanan body, maintaining bones and teeth, and improve brain function and intelligence in children.

Seeing marrow has many benefits for the body, no wonder the house Marrow always visited by customers. The mainstay in the house is Sop marrow marrow cow that cost Rp. 28,000. besides Sop Beef Marrow, there are also other menus, such as goat marrow soup, roasted rice marrow, cord spiced rice, rice team marrow, the marrow fried, spiced marrow, cord meatballs, grilled ribs and many more variations. To drink, the most delicious after eating marrow and covered with ice bandrek, ice sekoteng, and some other fresh juices.

Overall, beef marrow soup menu I ordered a soup delicacy marrow that can not be described with words. Large size piece of cow bone with marrow intact in them delivered right to the bowl along with the complete soup broth with vegetables. We are also equipped with long straws for sipping soft beef marrow soup and a tasty sauce inside a large cow bone.


Pelajari Memasak Sop Buntut Enak dan Mudah

Pelajari Memasak Sop Buntut Enak dan Mudah – Shop Mamah Eha, one of the well-known shop in Bandung, especially because it stands in one of the favorite spots of Bandung, the Dago area precisely on Jalan Diponegoro 15. With a comfortable place class café, shop Mamah Eha not just plain rice shop but also convenient for all young people hang out.

The menu offered is archipelago cuisine menu that certainly favors enjoyed with family or colleagues. If you was really hungry, you can order a complete rice lead, chicken and rice penyet obese, or chicken-efficient package. janga forget to make homemade green chili enjoy EHA famous mamah settling and spicy rock! But for those who do not like the taste of spicy, chili in mamah EHA has the level, so you just select just the level of spiciness to taste.

To ease the spicy taste on the tongue, recommended for messages ya ice milo dinosaur or ice lychee mango. All messages dessertnya gentlemen, sticky rice or sticky rice mango strawberry negro. Open from 7 am to 5 am, so you can eat your friend ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner or dawn and gentlemen, hehe. friendly price would be one of the plus points for serving delicious a la Mamah Eha, ie ranging from 10K to 45K.

Makasar typical dish appetizing, flavorful and rich flavors of spices do have a special attraction for people outside of Makassar. As in Bandung, in which a candidate Eating Marannu konro menu as a menu mainstay, not ever empty!

Konro is beef rib soup served with blackish brown thick gravy, soup konro of the dilahirkanlah konro fuel. It is said that this is where the dish was born barbecued ribs. Surely you also love right? Hihi.

Kuahnya distinctive blackish brown in broth derived from kliwak which became one of the components of the liquid, flavor and aroma semwriwing as spices such as cloves, nutmeg, pepper and others. Like! Moreover, the ribs are tender belumur spices and doused in peanut sauce, delicious! Especially enjoyed by native alias leupeut if in Bandung.

If you come here, you can see the grain favors other than konro fuel, the menu Coto Makassar, fried rice red, noodles titi, and of course the menu iced green bananas and ice hammer butung typical Makassar with prices reasonable ie ranging from 10K to 50K.

Blog that discusses the complete reference masakan dan kue

Make friends who like snacking and likes to taste the savory cheese, of course, already know how the delicacy and softness of taste Cheese Cake. Yes, not only adults, soft cake with aromas and flavors of cheese that is strong enough it is also liked by children. Besides the delicious taste and creamy texture when chewed, aroma and flavor of cream cheese cake is also terrible in our tongue. Make friends who live in Jakarta and other big cities, must have often heard the harvest delicacy cheese cake or cheesecake factory jakarta. But the theme of friends already know yet, it turns out how to create a soft cake was quite easy and simple, you know how to make it. In fact we can make soft cheese cake recipe without using the oven.

As we already know, the children were like the kind of soft cake with cream cheese this. One manufacturer of snacks children carefully addressing this by issuing the snacks cheese cake which turned out enough positive response, not only from my own children even were also frequently buy. Perhaps the cheese cake recipe is less popular with the other cake recipes, such as tiramisu cake, cake brownies, rainbow cake, layer cake recipe Surabaya or other. But if the problem flavors, cake with cream cheese is not less tasty and delicious, you know.

In some restaurant or famous pastry shop, such as harvest, cake factory or the other is providing the cheese cake which we can easily buy. But of course if every day we bought it certainly would be a waste of our money instead. Actually, how to make cheese cake is not too hard really you can read too at this site for many food indonesia recipe. The origin of materials and use proper composition and understand tips to make cheese cake recipe right, friends certainly can make yourself at home. In addition to baked goods, there are also know steamed cheese cake recipe how to make it very easy and simple. But this time we will learn to make cake cream cheese that baked first. Hopefully the next time we peel steamed version as well.

Of course, although how to make cheese cake is easy and quite simple, there are some things that friends should note that the results will this be really soft and perfect despite the fact that this type of cake one not including the type of cake that dough expand when baked. For roasting, should friends not set the oven temperature is too high so that really cooked perfectly. Unlike the cake with a soft texture to another, shaking her eggs and cream cheese should not be simultaneously so that the texture of the cake later hard not partially or also known as sodden cake. In addition, after mature do not immediately released, let it cool in the oven and then put it in the closet so much better.

How to cook nasi kuning is very easy

How to cook nasi kuning is very easy – Yellow rice rice cooker is it’s not much different from making it manually, either savory or flavor marinade. Because what is tantamount only cooking equipment are replaced. In addition, when you want to start cooking yellow rice seasoning before we mix with the rice in a rice cooker. Yellow rice does not appeal to everyone because of the terms of a bright yellow color and has a fragrant aroma. Yellow rice is usually available when there is a specific event like a birthday party or event thanksgiving. Yellow rice we can not meet every day unless your house is close to the yellow rice sellers or so delicious too.

The material
1 liter of rice
3 bay leaves
1 Stem Serai / Sere
sufficient water
Bks 1 instant coconut milk 65 ml

Seasoned mashed
1 vertebra turmeric finger (take filtered water)
2 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
salt to taste
flavoring to taste

How to make it
Wash rice thoroughly and wash thoroughly bahan2
Put the washed rice into the rice cooker before or magic com, add water and spices that have been mashed.
Put the bay leaves and lemon grass also. Add flavoring.
Stir until the spices evenly with water and rice.
Turn on the rice cooker or magic com and wait hinga yellow rice automatically mateng.

How to make a simple puding buah

How to make a simple puding buah – The prime advantage of this time, the admin will share cooking recipes are delicious and nutritious. Fruit pudding natural taste of fresh dragon fruit with a splash of water following milk custard is suitable to serve the pudding menu options, good social gathering events when family, alone at home or recreational time with family. The puddings are generally made from the main ingredient mix gelatin with fruit, milk and other ingredients, which is one way of making food is generally made by boiled and then put into the mold. You can try after at home, oke.

The material
2 medium-size papaya fruit
1 packet of jelly green color
500 ml coconut milk from ½ coconut
100 ml of fresh liquid milk
½ tsp vanilla
150 grams of granulated sugar

How to make it
Papaya fruit cut in half, peel and remove the seeds. While trimming, take a bit of papaya fruit flesh and cut into small dice.
Combine agar2, with coconut milk, vanilla and sugar and cook, stirring constantly until boiling. Pour into mold fruit papaya, sprinkle papaya fruit pieces and let cool. After the agar hardened, cut into pieces and serve.

How to cook a traditional Indonesian cake kue lumpur

How to cook a traditional Indonesian cake kue lumpur – The kue lumpur has a round shape, rather thick, with a soft dough-like mud on it, with perfect texture immature and also very soft. You ever try this mud cake can definitely imagine how soft this cake went into your mouth and the taste is sweet and soft instantly melt in the mouth. Mud cake is a suitable food to eat while relaxing, with a cup of tea, and also to be used as appetizers. For those of you who like mud cake, you definitely want to taste this delicious cake made your own. Make a mud pie was not difficult as here is how to make a mud cake that you can practice at home.

200 grams of potatoes that have been steamed and mashed
175 grams of wheat flour
375 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut
100 gr sugar
75 g Margarine
200 ml water
5 grains Eggs
3/4 tsp Vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
100 gr young coconut
50 gr Raisins

How to make it
Heat the margarine until liquid and then enter the water to a boil.
Add flour, vanilla, sugar, salt, and potatoes. and stir until blended and smooth. Lift. Chill.
Add the eggs one at a time while shaken average.
Add a little coconut milk, stirring until smooth.
Pour batter into cake pan that has been heated mud. and let half-baked. then add the raisins and coconut.
Close the mold and wait for it to mature. Lift.