Saatnya Memasak Tempe Mendoan Paling Gurih

Saatnya Memasak Tempe Mendoan Paling Gurih – In Bogor, we no need to worry would be difficult to find a good culinary. In addition to souvenirs of the famous Bogor, a wide variety of culinary popular spot is also available in Bogor. One of the culinary recently I samperin is the House Marrow. I actually had long heard of this place from colleagues who often visited the House Marrow. But for some reason, I recently had a chance to visit some time ago.

The location is very easy to create sought after because it is located on a major highway without having to enter the alley at Jl. Lawang Gintung, Bogor. As the name implies Sumum house, which is presented here is dominated by a variety of processed cattle bone marrow. You need to know guys, this beef bone marrow has loads of benefits tablets, among others, could prevent and treat osteoporosis, increase kekebanan body, maintaining bones and teeth, and improve brain function and intelligence in children.

Seeing marrow has many benefits for the body, no wonder the house Marrow always visited by customers. The mainstay in the house is Sop marrow marrow cow that cost Rp. 28,000. besides Sop Beef Marrow, there are also other menus, such as goat marrow soup, roasted rice marrow, cord spiced rice, rice team marrow, the marrow fried, spiced marrow, cord meatballs, grilled ribs and many more variations. To drink, the most delicious after eating marrow and covered with ice bandrek, ice sekoteng, and some other fresh juices.

Overall, beef marrow soup menu I ordered a soup delicacy marrow that can not be described with words. Large size piece of cow bone with marrow intact in them delivered right to the bowl along with the complete soup broth with vegetables. We are also equipped with long straws for sipping soft beef marrow soup and a tasty sauce inside a large cow bone.


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