Pelajari Memasak Sop Buntut Enak dan Mudah

Pelajari Memasak Sop Buntut Enak dan Mudah – Shop Mamah Eha, one of the well-known shop in Bandung, especially because it stands in one of the favorite spots of Bandung, the Dago area precisely on Jalan Diponegoro 15. With a comfortable place class café, shop Mamah Eha not just plain rice shop but also convenient for all young people hang out.

The menu offered is archipelago cuisine menu that certainly favors enjoyed with family or colleagues. If you was really hungry, you can order a complete rice lead, chicken and rice penyet obese, or chicken-efficient package. janga forget to make homemade green chili enjoy EHA famous mamah settling and spicy rock! But for those who do not like the taste of spicy, chili in mamah EHA has the level, so you just select just the level of spiciness to taste.

To ease the spicy taste on the tongue, recommended for messages ya ice milo dinosaur or ice lychee mango. All messages dessertnya gentlemen, sticky rice or sticky rice mango strawberry negro. Open from 7 am to 5 am, so you can eat your friend ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner or dawn and gentlemen, hehe. friendly price would be one of the plus points for serving delicious a la Mamah Eha, ie ranging from 10K to 45K.

Makasar typical dish appetizing, flavorful and rich flavors of spices do have a special attraction for people outside of Makassar. As in Bandung, in which a candidate Eating Marannu konro menu as a menu mainstay, not ever empty!

Konro is beef rib soup served with blackish brown thick gravy, soup konro of the dilahirkanlah konro fuel. It is said that this is where the dish was born barbecued ribs. Surely you also love right? Hihi.

Kuahnya distinctive blackish brown in broth derived from kliwak which became one of the components of the liquid, flavor and aroma semwriwing as spices such as cloves, nutmeg, pepper and others. Like! Moreover, the ribs are tender belumur spices and doused in peanut sauce, delicious! Especially enjoyed by native alias leupeut if in Bandung.

If you come here, you can see the grain favors other than konro fuel, the menu Coto Makassar, fried rice red, noodles titi, and of course the menu iced green bananas and ice hammer butung typical Makassar with prices reasonable ie ranging from 10K to 50K.


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