How to make a simple puding buah

How to make a simple puding buah – The prime advantage of this time, the admin will share cooking recipes are delicious and nutritious. Fruit pudding natural taste of fresh dragon fruit with a splash of water following milk custard is suitable to serve the pudding menu options, good social gathering events when family, alone at home or recreational time with family. The puddings are generally made from the main ingredient mix gelatin with fruit, milk and other ingredients, which is one way of making food is generally made by boiled and then put into the mold. You can try after at home, oke.

The material
2 medium-size papaya fruit
1 packet of jelly green color
500 ml coconut milk from ½ coconut
100 ml of fresh liquid milk
½ tsp vanilla
150 grams of granulated sugar

How to make it
Papaya fruit cut in half, peel and remove the seeds. While trimming, take a bit of papaya fruit flesh and cut into small dice.
Combine agar2, with coconut milk, vanilla and sugar and cook, stirring constantly until boiling. Pour into mold fruit papaya, sprinkle papaya fruit pieces and let cool. After the agar hardened, cut into pieces and serve.


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