How to cook nasi kuning is very easy

How to cook nasi kuning is very easy – Yellow rice rice cooker is it’s not much different from making it manually, either savory or flavor marinade. Because what is tantamount only cooking equipment are replaced. In addition, when you want to start cooking yellow rice seasoning before we mix with the rice in a rice cooker. Yellow rice does not appeal to everyone because of the terms of a bright yellow color and has a fragrant aroma. Yellow rice is usually available when there is a specific event like a birthday party or event thanksgiving. Yellow rice we can not meet every day unless your house is close to the yellow rice sellers or so delicious too.

The material
1 liter of rice
3 bay leaves
1 Stem Serai / Sere
sufficient water
Bks 1 instant coconut milk 65 ml

Seasoned mashed
1 vertebra turmeric finger (take filtered water)
2 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
salt to taste
flavoring to taste

How to make it
Wash rice thoroughly and wash thoroughly bahan2
Put the washed rice into the rice cooker before or magic com, add water and spices that have been mashed.
Put the bay leaves and lemon grass also. Add flavoring.
Stir until the spices evenly with water and rice.
Turn on the rice cooker or magic com and wait hinga yellow rice automatically mateng.


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