How to cook a traditional Indonesian cake kue lumpur

How to cook a traditional Indonesian cake kue lumpur – The kue lumpur has a round shape, rather thick, with a soft dough-like mud on it, with perfect texture immature and also very soft. You ever try this mud cake can definitely imagine how soft this cake went into your mouth and the taste is sweet and soft instantly melt in the mouth. Mud cake is a suitable food to eat while relaxing, with a cup of tea, and also to be used as appetizers. For those of you who like mud cake, you definitely want to taste this delicious cake made your own. Make a mud pie was not difficult as here is how to make a mud cake that you can practice at home.

200 grams of potatoes that have been steamed and mashed
175 grams of wheat flour
375 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut
100 gr sugar
75 g Margarine
200 ml water
5 grains Eggs
3/4 tsp Vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
100 gr young coconut
50 gr Raisins

How to make it
Heat the margarine until liquid and then enter the water to a boil.
Add flour, vanilla, sugar, salt, and potatoes. and stir until blended and smooth. Lift. Chill.
Add the eggs one at a time while shaken average.
Add a little coconut milk, stirring until smooth.
Pour batter into cake pan that has been heated mud. and let half-baked. then add the raisins and coconut.
Close the mold and wait for it to mature. Lift.


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